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Helping displaced workers to quickly and affordably build job-ready skills.

Up-skill, Re-skill, or Pursue a Passion

COVID-19 is severely impacting Utah workers and businesses; leaving many Utah workers unemployed or furloughed. If you are in this position, 61% of employers indicate that skill development is the single most important thing furloughed or unemployed individuals could be doing right now to increase their likelihood of getting hired. is your "one-stop shop" to quickly and affordably build job ready skills. The University of Utah is pleased to partner in this employer-led initiative with broad support from Utah companies and innovative education and talent organizations.

You can visit to connect with other important resources, including:

  • Employer-provided services (e.g., mentoring, resume reviews)
  • Info on jobs (e.g., recommended job boards), job fairs, networking events
  • Links to financial support for skill development (as integrated as possible)
  • Links to mental health and other wellness resources

For-Credit Certificates

If you are looking to earn a certificate as part of your undergraduate or graduate career, or if you want to earn credit to get started on a degree program, find your academic for-credit certificate here.

Find Your Skill

Each course listed follows one of the three following formats:

  hybrid (a blend of online and in-person)

Basic Data Science

    Introduction to R Coding for Data Management     

Business and Financial Planning

    Financial Planning  

Business Writing 

   Written Communication for Professionals  (Registration opens in July) 

Computer Literacy

    Outlook for Workplace Productivity  (Registration opens soon) 

Customer Service

   Customer Experience  (Registration opens in July) 

Digital Marketing

   Instructional Design Program  

Emotional Regulation

   Coaching for Success   

   Conflict Resolution in the Workplace  (Registration opens in July) 

    Positive Psychology 

English (ESL)

   Professional TESOL Certificate 

   Intensive English Classes for the Salt Lake City Community   (begins Fall 2020) 

    Professional TESOL Program   

Healthcare and Public Policy


   Nursing Education 

   Nursing Education   

   Public Policy - Graduate Certificate 

Information Technology

   Graduate Certificate in Information Systems  

    Web Development Certificate  

Project Management

   Project Management Fundamentals Program   

   Project Management Fundamentals 1   

   Project Management Fundamentals II   

    Project Risk Management   

    Project Leadership, Teambuilding and Communication  (Registration opens in July) 


   Professional Management Program   

   Communicating with People and Teams   

   Feedback, Expectations, and Delegation for Effective 

   Building Teams of Trust, Collaboration and Results  (Regsitration opens in July) 

   Managing Generational Diversity   

   Supervisors Essentials Program   

Productivity Software

   Agile 101 for Business Program 


Find Your Graduate Degree

Healthcare and Public Policy

Gerontology MS  

Nursing Education   

Occupational Therapy OTD  

Information Technology

Information Systems MS   


Master of Arts in Teaching - Fine Arts  


View Certificates available through Continuing Education and Community Engagement 

View Certificates available through UOnline  

Last Updated: 11/4/20